Peoples Art 2023 St. Stephen's Green Dublin Ireland
peoples art dublin


  1. As a condition for use of St. Stephen’s Green, the exhibition is strictly limited to original paintings and drawings by the exhibitor, which shall be framed and displayed on the railings only. Prints, lithographs, sculptures or photographs are not allowed. Only the named artist on the application form may exhibit their paintings.
  2. It is not permitted to exhibit prices on paintings. A blank catalogue for completion by the Artist will be available from the information centre (caravan), which may be hung on the railings.
  3. No undue interference should be caused to other users of the St. Stephen’s Green. As this event is allowed only as an exhibition, no hard selling or trading is allowed
  4. All exhibitors shall comply with all of the directions of the Park Superintendent or his authorised representatives.
  5. Any spaces not taken up by 11 a.m. on each and every day of the exhibition will be forfeited and re-allocated at the sole discretion of the organisers. The exhibitor concerned automatically looses his/her entitlement to that space for the remainder of the exhibition. Exhibitors allocated either north or east side spaces will not be allowed to move, but exhibitors who have been allocated their space on the south side will be allowed to apply for a transfer, if one should become available.
  6. The Committee do their best to establish what sections of the railings are not available due to routine maintenance. If a section allocated is rendered unusable due to maintenance, those affected must take the alternative space offered.
  7. Artists are responsible for their own pictures at all times (insurance, supervision, hanging, weather protection, etc). Art groups may supervise their paintings on a rota basis.
  8. All materials shall be provided by the exhibitor.
  9. Paintings shall be attached to the railings in such a way as not to cause damage to the metalwork or the paintwork. Paintings should only be hung from railings by means of picture cord/string. Any exhibitor found using materials likely to cause damage, will be required to remove their paintings. You will be responsible for the cost of any damage whatsoever caused to St. Stephens Green arising out of infringement. Bars, canopies etc are not allowed. All cord/string must be removed and your area left clean, litter free and tidy at the end of each day of the exhibition.
  10. All paintings should be securely fixed against the elements. The committee will not be responsible for any claims arising out of injury to third parties caused by negligence by the exhibitors.
  11. The pavement area must not be obstructed. No panels, trellises or boxes may be placed against the railings. No, boxes, containers, etc are to be left on the pavement.
  12. PARKING: The Garda Siochana have advised us that all the laws regarding parking, double parking, meters, etc, are all still in force during the exhibition. It is up to the exhibitors to make their own arrangements with regard to parking.
  13. Due to administrative constraints, it is only possible to accept applications from artists resident in Ireland.
  • An Information Centre and Official Marshal will be provided to supervise the event.

The organisers of this exhibition are a voluntary group of artists who along with Dublin City Council members and administration staff, work very hard during the year to make these events a success. Any exhibitor acting aggressively or violently or with otherwise inappropriate behaviour against any of the organisers will immediately lose their space and may be excluded from future exhibitions. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the organisers is final.  By returning the application form with your fee it is assumed that you accept all of the above conditions.

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