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  1. How do I apply to exhibit?
    Download the application form and fill in your details. Return the form to the Post office box enclosing your payment and stamped addressed envelope.
  2. How much is it to exhibit?
    The charge is 30 Euro per space and each artist can apply for a maximum of two spaces.
  3. What size is each space?
    Each space is 6 to 8ft wide x height of the railings.
  4. When will I get my allocation?
    All applications are opened at our allocation meeting which is held on the closing date for applications. You should receive your allocation slip in the post about a week after the closing date.
  5. What time does the exhibition open and close?
    There are no set times for setting up or taking down paintings, but exhibitors must be in their allocated space by 11am each day. Spaces will be re-allocated by the exhibition marshal if exhibitors are not in their space by 11am.
  6. How do I hang my paintings?
    Exhibitors must not damage the railings in any way. Paintings are usually hung on string from the railings. Plastic sheeting can be used to cover the display from rain, which is available from any hardware store.
  7. Can I put prices on my paintings?
    Prices on paintings are not permitted. Prices can be displayed in a catalogue. People’s Art blank catalogues are available at the organiser’s office during the exhibition.
  8. I have missed the submission date for applications to exhibit. Can I still take part in the exhibition?
    Yes you can still exhibit. Please go to the organisers office/van during the exhibition where you will be able to purchase a space. The exhibition office is open from 9am each day of the exhibition and is situated on the east side of St. Stephen's Green.
  9. I have received my allocation but cannot exhibit. Can my booking be transferred to another exhibition or can I get a refund?
    Once your application has been processed, it is not possible to transfer your allocation or to receive a refund.

    If I am applying as a group:-
  • How much railing space does the entire group get?
    Each artist is entitled to two spaces whether applying in a group or as an individual, i.e. if there are five artists in your group, you are entitled to apply for up to 10 spaces for your group.
  • Does the registration fee of 30 Euro apply to each member of the group, or do you charge differently for groups?
    The charge of 30 Euro is for each space applied for.
  • Does each Artist within the group have to exhibit a minimum of four paintings?
    Each artist within the group must exhibit a minimum of four paintings.

  • Applications will only be accepted on the current People's Art application form by post to P.O. Box 5141, Dublin 7
  • Applications received without a stamped addressed envelope or space fee will be rejected.
  • Applications are not opened or processed until after the closing date.

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