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Dates for the 2020 People's Art Exhibitions.

8 9 10 May 2020   |   19 20 21 June 2020   |   24 25 26 July 2020   |   21 22 23 August 2020   |   25 26 27 September 2020  |   04 05 06 December 2020.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Peoples Art hopes to have an exhibition in August when the Corona Virus has settled down a bit. At the moment there are no toilet facilities for artists and when hotels and restaurants open they will not allow walk in users. There is little or no footfall so artists would be sitting there with very little chance of a sale .The committee are also aware that so many of the artists who exhibit with us are vulnerable, because of age or health and will not be comfortable to exhibit with us. So although we are not making a profit from each exhibition, we do need to cover our costs. I hope this explains our predicament. We all want to get back to normal and we will, just as soon as possible during this unpredictable time.

The Peoples Art Committee

Exhibitors please note that Dublin City Council has advised us that parking is completely gone from the north side of Stephen's Green and strongly request that exhibiting artists should abide by the parking regulations, particularly on the North and East side. It is not safe to load or unload on the North or East sides because of traffic restrictions. Exhibitors are requested to find legal parking. The use of a trolley may assist in the loading and unloading process. You can park in the St Stephens Green Car park. Q-Park Website click here. Book your parking in advance. The Garda Siochana have also advised us that all laws regarding parking, double parking, meters etc. are still in force during the exhibition. Please respect these laws and make appropriate arrangements with regard to parking. Do not cause an obstruction.

Two parking spaces on St Stephens Green East, are reserved for the exhibition office. Exhibitors are not to park in these spaces.

Please go to the "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" section for any queries you may have.

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Please Note :

  • Applications will only be accepted on the current People's Art application form
  • Applications will only be accepted on the correct form by post to P.O. Box 5141, Dublin 7
  • Applications received without a stamped addressed envelope or space fee will be rejected.

The People's Art website is for information only. Any Queries can be sent to :  or by post to PO. Box 5141, Dublin 7.

About Peoples Art:
People's Art Dublin is a voluntary, part time, non profit making group, brought together by Dublin City Council to promote the visual arts to the public of Dublin. Each year after expenses are paid, donations are made to various charities.
The co-operation and assistance of Dublin City Council and The Office of Public Works ( OPW ) , which makes these events possible, is gratefully acknowledged.
The use of St. Stephen's Green is dependant on compliance with certain conditions, available on request. You are therefore requested to take note of them. St Stephen's Green Park is being used courtesy of The Office of Public Works.

See some of the frequently asked questions about exhibiting HERE


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